Twitter has begun blocking tweets with' harmful content'.


Hese include shipments specifically calling for damage to wireless technology equipment by linking the Coronavirus outbreak to 5G. Twitter says it is trying to prevent the spread of false information about the covid-19 outbreak. 

An important pillar of the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic is the fight against false information. A number of 'conspiracy theories' are rapidly spreading on social media, from the virus being produced in a laboratory in China to the spread due to 5G technology. Twitter is blocking some comments from users, citing them.

Comments identified as 'harmful content' were blocked, the Twitter security team said, while such activities included calls to destroy 5G equipment. In addition, activities that may cause widespread panic, social unrest or widespread disorder are also considered in this context.

There had been attacks on 5G equipment in some European countries:

Twitter's new move comes in the wake of attacks on 5G base stations in some European countries due to calls from social media. There have been attacks on numerous 5G base stations, particularly in the UK. Twitter is tightening its measures to prevent misinformation about the covid-19 outbreak from spreading. Such 'unconfirmed claims' have been deleted. These include claims of food shortages. The British government had been forced to comment on the issue because of the 5G allegations.

As well as Twitter, platforms such as YouTube are also taking measures to curb misinformation about COVID-19. YouTube had therefore started posting content on its homepage that was approved by authorities regarding COVID-19. Facebook has also taken a similar step, with criticism expressed that rumours spreading about the epidemic, particularly on social media platforms, are damaging the fight against COVID-19.

The comments made by Instagram also stated that all coronavirus-themed filters on the platform had been blocked and that such filters would no longer be available. Not satisfied with this, the authorities announced that they would take new steps in relation to coronavirus and that they would show more of the current statements made by the authorities, especially the World Health Organization, on platforms.