A Supermarket Chain, 50. Sent Chicken Nugget Into Space To Celebrate Its Age

A Supermarket Chain, 50. Sent Chicken Nugget Into Space To Celebrate Its Age


Wales-based supermarket chain Iceland is 50. he resorted to a rather interesting way of celebrating his age. A supermarket chain has sent chicken nuggets into space in honor of their half-century filling.

Humanity has sent many interesting things to space before, such as gold records and cars with audio recordings inside. But this one was probably the most interesting of them all. Iceland Super market, 50. he sent a chicken nugget into space to celebrate his year.

This nugget, which the supermarket sent into space, traveled 33 thousand 528 kilometers from Earth in just two hours. The reason the nugget was sent into space was because it was one of the most popular products in the market.

Icelandic supermarket sends chicken nugget into space

Sent into the -60-degree stratosphere from the company's head office in the north of Wales, the nugget began to fall to earth at a speed of 322 km per hour after the highest altitude it could reach. The nugget's parachute was activated at 19,000 yards to make the landing safe.

The height reached by the nugget is equal to the height of 880 thousand Icelandic chicken nuggets. Supermarket chain Iceland has successfully managed to survive the catastrophic year 2020, recording 20.1% growth compared to the previous year.

Andrew Staniland, Iceland's commercial director, said: "50. 2020, when we celebrate our age, is an important year for us, and we wanted to find a way to celebrate, just like everyone who celebrated their birthday in quarantine. There was no better way to send one of our customers ' favorite products into space to show that our products are not from this world," he said.

Staniland said that in recent months everyone has changed the way they shop, and frozen food has never been more popular. Staniland, 50. he said they would continue to celebrate their age with their customers.